Our Team

Brandon Parker, MBA

Founder, Cloud Architect, Security Analyst
Brandon is an energetic technologist with an entrepreneurial spirit. He has a well rounded IT skill set and combined with a strong business acumen, he can solve difficult business challenges and lead a strong IT strategy.

Feng Liang

Full Stack Developer
Feng has over nine years developing web applications and solving business challenges with technology.

Dmytro Yashchuk

Full Stack Developer
Dmytro has over eight years experience developing web applications.

Slava Dunaienko

Microsoft Engineer
Slava has over seventeen years working with enterprise architecture, Microsoft Windows Server, Office365 and Azure and Exchange. He holds numerous Microsoft certifications.

24/7 Network Operations Center

750+ Network Engineers
The network operations center engineers engage your servers to make sure they are patched, secure and operational.

24/7 Help Desk

200+ Help Desk Associates
The Orthos 24/7 help desk has Level 1 - Level 4 support and is readily available to solve your end user needs.